This book is written by a great Muslim writer, Wahiduddin khan.  In our daily routine life, we face different problems and thus we need a good book which will provide us giddiness. There are many books written by world best scholars in this regard. But every book cannot have different topics in it.  The quality of this book is that it contains different information, topics, knowledge and a complete source of information on the right way of life. Life needs some flavor and I am sure that this book has enough strength that will change your way of thinking, your activities your life standard and status in very soft manners. 

This book is full of motivation. I will recommend this book for the students, teachers, religious scholars and for those people who are trying to sat a life standard and live according to it. The bonus of this reading this book is that it motivates the reader if he is mentally disturbed. In this book, the secret of japan’s greatness is also revealed. This book also contains some beautiful quote like;

“A man cannot ride your back unless it’s bent”  

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