Insaan Apne Ap Ko Pechan

This book is written by Maulana Wahiduddin khan. The start of this book is very dramatic. If people are discussing what is the real problem of them. Different people will have a different answer to this serious question. The writer says that people do not know what is their real problem? If they know who they are, they must give the same answer. If we came to know the reality of life, life after death would look at our real problem of us.

Even today the majority of the people believe in Allah, but they not follow the rule implemented by Allah. When a state man forces us to follow the rule we follow as for as the rule of Allah are concerned, we do not follow. According to the writer the reason behind this is that we cannot se Allah from our eyes, but this is not also truth because we can see Allah from the eye of our heart.

Why one must read this book, the reason is quite simple. Man has discovered a lot of incredible things but he cannot discover himself. It is mush necessary for man to discover himself first. This book is very helpful for disheartens people of the modern age.

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