Importance of books

Life needs some basics things like water, air, and home, etc. I include books in those basics. we are totally imperfect without books.  Books are the best teacher and the following points will show the importance of books in the best way;

Determined way of life;

‘Man is a social animal’, says Aristotle. Now this point is clear that man is an animal because he needs other people for his living, ha cannot live his life alone without society. The major difference between animals and human is that animals live without any discipline and human live with great manners. So, books are helpful for making us good social animal.

Positive thinking;

Thinking is a common habit in all people. Our goals of life, our attitude, and our status among the people completely depend upon our thinking. As we knew that there is a reaction of every action so, there are both negative and positive impacts of everything. Books are more important in our life-changing our thinking power into positive thinking. Books increase your mental health and make you a perfect personality.

Source of knowledge;

An American artist Maria Tallchief says that “see more and be more”. This is a beautiful quote which tells us that now our world is the place of opportunities and the only way to become a success in every field in this era is that you must have more information than a common man. If you are interested in making you a brilliant boy then you must increase your knowledge. In this way books are helping you to become a successful person in every field.

Enter in new world;

The sages of the world say that when you open a book you open a new world.  If you have to make a target to make you a brilliant then it is necessary for you to make a friendship with books because it is very hard to make you brilliant without books, in this materialistic era. Reading helps you understand the world more. Through books, you can make good ideas on the specific topics. Book delivers you the knowledge and not just knowledge but also wisdom. I believe that my personality, behavior, ideas, and knowledge are built in the base of books.

            . William Wordsworth:

Up! Up! my friend, and quit your books!
Or surely you’ll grow double.
Up! Up! my friend and close your books
Why all this toil and trouble?

 On the 23rd of April, the world celebrates the world book day. This day is a celebration of books, authors, illustrators, and most important reading. The reason for choosing this date is very interesting. The 23rd of April is a symbolic date for world literature because it is the date of death for many great authors like poets like William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, and Miguel de Cervantes and many others.

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