Hind-Pak dairy

This book is written by Maulana Wahiduddin khan. The knowledge of history is very important in our life if we are students of history and teacher or at any professional job. History helps us to understand our today problem and find the right solution to them. The knowledge of history also enables us to be wider In our thinking and is also helpful in making our presence condition better. This book is a bible on the history of two countries Pakistan and India. Following are the qualities of this book which will urge people to read this book:

India and Pak before they were borne;

Before freedom from the British,both the countries were automatically merged together. As English were the ruler at that time upon them so, there was no chance of progress for Muslims and Hindus.

The above lines are very common in all the common people but it is not reality. People of both countries are facing the same problem at that time also.

Role of leaders;

In this book the role of political leader of Muslims and Hindus is discussed in detail and you will surprise when you will read this book and know something untold about our hero’s role about our homeland.

Main problem;

Separate homeland was not the solution for both the parties Hindus and Muslims. In this book, the problem of the people is shown. It is true that our leader tried to make good fame in this way they do something wrong with their followers.


This book also shows us a better solution for the progress of both the countries India and Pakistan. Corruption, unemployment, and lack of new technologies are the actual problem.

Show peace;

In this book, the writer says that it is impossible to make progress without peace. The biggest issue between India and Pakistan is the issue of Kashmir. The writer also shares his experience with Kashmir’s issue and show hope of peace between two enemies.

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