Hakiqat Ki Talash


This book is written by a famous Muslim writer,Wahiduddin Khan. From the name of the book, it is clear that what will be discussed in the book. The writer himself was a great religious personality. Many things are part of human nature and one of the most important is to find truth. We found the truth it becomes the source of happiness for our cordial and mind.

Most wanted discovery;

Allah blessed people with the mind. Now it is more important for us to understand the strength of our mind because one cannot underestimate the power of the mind. We saw different things in our daily routine life. Through the help of the mind, man has changed the shape of the world and our world looks like a dreaming place due to wonderful discoveries of science. Now it is the most wanted thing that who we are? Why we are created?  What is the purpose of our life? What Is the world actually?

Arthur views;

In this book, the above question are discussed in detail. This book contains the term A.B.C of the hakiqat ki talash. If you are willing to know the reality of the world then you must read this book. Suppose two people fight, one of them is innocent while others Is cruel. We saw that there is no justice for an innocent person and he remained in miserable condition. Now it is interesting that there is any solution for an innocent person. Yes, there is. An innocent person will get justice at the end from Allah.

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